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Alpine Guiding

Twid runs a full Summer and Winter Alpine programme of bespoke courses and tailored Alpine climbing holidays.Summer Alpine climbing generally runs from early June to early October. Twid’s vary depending on high or low season, course numbers and peaks. Contact him directly for prices and availability. Email

Technical Alpine Routes 1:1&1:2 ratio

Technical alpine Climbs Climbs which include technical graded rock climbing and ice climbing normally Alpine grade AD and above. These climbs tend to
intro alpinism

Steady Alpine 4000m Peaks

Alpine 4000m peaks stretch from the Bernese Oberland in the North to the Bernina in the East and the Barres des Erins in the south. All are great moun


Climbing the Matterhorn    

Mont Blanc

  Mont Blanc 4807m is the Alps highest mountain. It dwarfs everything and dominates the Chamonix skyline. Its the top of many mountaineers tick l