Guiding, Coaching and Instruction

1:2 Ratio Technical Guiding

Portjengrat_from_WeissmiesIts very common for many technical Alpine Summits to be guided 1 to 2 ratio. Mont Blanc, Zinal Rothorne, Some ice Faces, North Ridge of Weissmeis, Monta Rosa, etc The team have to work well together and be able to move swiftly on moderate rock climbing and ice terrain. It generally takes a bit longer to train up to bigger routes than 1 to 1 ratio. Twid offers a wide range of climbs at this ratio.
Potential programme
Saas Fee, Zermatt, Chamoniz and Arolla all provide fantastic bases for a week of technical climbing. A mixture of rocky ridges,rock climbings and snowy peaks makes for a good week. A blend of different types of routes.